Earth Day 2016: Are your practices sustainable?

Earth Day 2016

Earth Day 2016

Earth Day 2016

Earth day 2016 is here.  Every year I use earth day as a reminder to contemplate my imprint on the planet.  For a number of years I have been concerned with educating myself about sustainable living and putting it into practice.  How does the way I live impact me, my community, and the earth?


Sustainable Living Habits


The chart below is a list of what I consider to be sustainable living habits.  I started keeping track of these habits in 2014.  This year, you may notice that many of these practices involve making my own beauty products.  I consider these activities both healthy and fun, with the benefit of reducing packaging waste in landfills and reducing the use of harsh chemicals that contribute to the pollution of our ecosystem.  And, in my household, brewing our own alcoholic beverages saves a lot of recycling effort and materials.  However, since I live in California, where there has been severe drought conditions for several years running, the biggest gain I’ve made from sustainable living efforts this year is the reduction of water consumption by installing a drip irrigation system for the vegetable garden.  The system was inexpensive, easy to design, and quick to do.  And the payoff is huge!  Putting the drip irrigation system on a timer means I don’t have to remember to water the plants – it’s automated.  That means the plants get consistent watering.  As a result, the garden yield has gone up by two fold.  I’m now putting in less effort, have healthier plants, am getting more produce, and am doing my part as a community member to help ensure our resources can support us now and into the future.

What can you do?

I wonder, how will I top that next year?  The bigger question is will each of us commit to doing something meaningful this year and every year, to ensure resources for all?  Dear reader, please share in the comments what you will do.

Thank you for reading, caring, and doing your part!


Sustainable PracticeNew in 2015Discontinued in 2015
beeswax candlesx
body moisturizer
cloth "sponges"
cloth napkins
drip irrigationx
face moisturizer
face washx
hair texturizerx
hard apple ciderx
Italian sausage
marinara sauce
ricotta cheese
salad dressingx
soda stream
vegetable gardening
wool dryer balls

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