Garlic Press

Ode to the Garlic Press

My life changed (for the better) when I bought a garlic press, and now I can’t live without one!

Garlic Press
Ode to the Garlic Press

As an inexperienced cook, whenever a recipe called for minced garlic I knew it was going to be an exasperating experience.  As much as I love garlic, peeling and mincing the cloves took a long time and I never seemed to get the pieces quite small enough for my liking.  Not to mention that my hands smelled like garlic the rest of the night.  Sure, I know some people whack the garlic with the side of a knife, but I’m certain I would lose a digit doing that.  Then I discovered the garlic press, and – lo and behold – cooking became easier!  But my first garlic press didn’t solve all my garlic problems.  Nope.  It was a cheap-y, the all metal kind with tiny holes and a small compartment, that doesn’t come apart.  So, it was difficult to clean and I still had to peel the garlic, and my hands continued to smell.  But, what a wonderful job it did making that garlic into paste!  No big chunks to worry about.  I even discovered that crushing garlic is healthy because it creates allicin, which has cardiovascular, anti-bacterial, and anti-cancer benefits.

Despite the few drawbacks, that garlic press became a central cooking utensil in my kitchen arsenal.  Though, as my cooking skill and frequency increased I became disenchanted with my lowly garlic press, but the conscientious (read thrifty) part of me is always loath to replace something that isn’t broken.  It took me years to justify buying another garlic press.  After all, the one I had worked and there was no guarantee that the next one I purchased would be any better.  But, finally I took the plunge.  I splurged on a new garlic press from OXO (Oxo Good Grips Garlic Press).  And what a difference it’s made!  My love affair with garlic and the garlic press continues.  No more peeling, no more smelly hands, and very easy cleanup.  Who knew that with the right garlic press, garlic can be crushed with the skin on!?

Benefits of the Garlic Press

  • Time saver – no chopping or peeling
  • Hands don’t smell
  • No need for a sharp knife
  • Extra nutritional benefits over using the whole clove

Keep in mind that crushed garlic can be used in place of chopped or minced garlic in many recipes and will impart a more potent garlic flavor.  So if you’ve ever wondered if a garlic press is a real time saver or just a gimmick, don’t wait any longer.  Buy one now and rejoice (the kitchen angels will be singing)!

Tips for buying a garlic press

  1. make sure it comes apart for easy cleaning,
  2. has large enough holes to press through the skin and,
  3. compartment is big enough to press a few cloves at one time!

What’s your favorite way to prepare garlic?

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