Is a Public Goods membership right for you?

Is a Public Goods membership right for you?

Have you heard about Public Goods?  They’ve garnered a lot of attention as of late with their fairly priced, good-for-you products.  Public Goods manufactures environmentally friendly products that they sell direct to consumer, cutting out the retail middleman.  They claim that an average of $12 per product is saved over paying retail.  For an annual $59 fee, members can shop the online store for personal products, household cleaners, toiletries and more, with new products being added at a rapid pace.  Public Goods promises that “shopping from fewer sources means less shipping, fewer fees, less time ordering, less packaging and less money spent.  That’s why we’re a one-stop source for healthy, go-to essentials.”

You may be wondering if the cost of the annual Public Goods membership can be recouped by the “savings” and if the products are any good.  First, let me assure you that I do not receive any compensation from Public Goods for writing this post.  But, I do have a lifetime membership I purchased during their Kickstarter campaign.   I decided to invest in their concept, at risk of not liking their products, because I believe that more affordable, eco-friendlier products need to come to market to help the public shift to products that are better for their health and our planet.  Here is my experience with Public Goods.

PublicGoods - MissionMy first order

After waiting for the Kickstarter campaign to end and for Public Goods to be open for business, I placed my first order for toothpaste, shaving cream, 2 toothbrushes, bar soap, hand soap, shampoo, and conditioner for a total cost of $25.25 with free shipping.  By my calculations, roughly equivalent products ordered on Amazon would have cost $47.25.  That’s a savings of more than  46%!  But savings like that only matter if you really like the products.

Product reviews

I really like that their products come in clean packaging that looks great in the bathroom and are produced cruelty-free.


Toothpaste – has a very light flavor and leaves my teeth feeling super clean.  Quit using my homemade toothpaste in favor of this brand.

Toothbrushes – are billed as soft but mine felt closer to medium bristles.  Also, the handles have sharp angles instead of a rounded finish, making them uncomfortable to grip.  I went back to using my Nimbus toothbrushes.

Shaving cream – was too thick, making it difficult to keep the razor clean and challenging to wash out of the bathtub.  It also made the tub very slippery.  I decided to start making my own shaving cream because of this frustrating experience.

Bar soap – has a nice lather and very mild scent.  Great for sensitive skin.  Definitely a keeper – the boyfriend loves them.

Hand soap – has a nice lather and very mild scent.  I prefer foaming hand soap because it rinses better from the sink.  I’ll be going back to my Branch Basics when this bottle is used up.

Shampoo & Conditioner – have a very mild scent and get hair clean without stripping it.  I have reordered these and consider them go-to hair care.

Deodorant (from 4th order of products) – has a great scent and works much better than the last product that I was fairly happy with.  This alone makes the membership worth it for me.

Bottom Line

All in all, I have found my membership to be well worth the annual fee (even though I think their savings claims are a bit inflated).  It relieves my mind to know that I am reducing my chemical exposure and environmental pollution, while at the same time, saving money.  With their environmentally friendly products and sustainable packaging, Public Goods just made living green a whole lot easier!

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