Squatty Potty Hack – Save money!

Squatty Potty Hack

For those of you who don’t know what a squatty potty is… It’s a device that elevates one’s feet while sitting on a toilet in order to put a body into a squatting position to help with bowel elimination.  I really wanted one of these devices and was willing to pay any amount to get one.  They are reasonably affordable but a little more than I wanted to spend.

So I headed over to their website and read up on my choices. These babies sit at the base of your toilet and you just pull it out when ready to use.  After use, slide it back against the toilet stand.  Nothing could be easier!

Except, my toilet is very close to the vanity and the only place to have a trash can is in between that small space where a squatty potty would live.  Oh, crap!  Still wanting one of these contraptions, I did a little bit more research and came up with this hack.

No room for squatty potty

No room for squatty potty

Alternative to squatty potty

The whole point of the squatty potty is to raise the feet to a height that mimics a squatting position.  So, a collapsible step stool at the right height does the job and has several advantages.  So, if you don’t have room for a squatty potty, here is a great alternative!  Notice the collapsible step stool in the photo, off to the right.  It’s barely noticeable.

Collapsible Step Stool:

  • folds up and can fit in a very narrow space between the toilet and wall, or even hidden in a cupboard.
  • can be used for other purposes because you can actually stand on it.  The porta squatty is not for standing.
  • comes in many colors offering more choices to match decor than squatty potty.
  • is less expensive than squatty potty.

I’ve been using this step stool and it’s made all the difference!  I love the way it stores away, matches my bathroom decor, and is handy for getting things out of the top shelf of the linen closet.  Now I don’t have to haul my wooden step stool over to that side of the house.



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