Ultimate Soda Stream Hack

Ultimate Soda Stream Hack

Ultimate Soda Stream Hack

Standard Soda Stream Hack

Do you own a Soda Stream, or are you thinking about getting one?  If you drink a lot of carbonated beverages, the Soda Stream is very eco-friendly.  Our household goes through a lot of carbonated water and the Soda Stream was the perfect alternative to weekly trips to the store to buy multiple bottles of seltzer water.  All those plastic bottles made us feel like environment killers.  But, the Soda Stream bliss wore off pretty quickly when the first 14.5 oz CO2 tank went empty.  That meant another trip to a store to get an overpriced tank refill.  Not good!  That’s when my creative partner went into “fix-it” mode and came up with a great solution.

It’s taken me so long to write this post that the Soda Stream “adapter” hack isn’t news.  The word is out that an adapter is available for the Soda Stream that will allow for a small, non-proprietary 12 oz CO2 tank.  That means you can purchase the adapter and your own CO2 tank.  The beauty of having your own refillable CO2 tank is that it can be refilled at the local paintball or sporting goods stores for half the cost of a Soda Stream tank refill.  That’s a great savings!  But, small tanks need to be refilled more frequently than larger tanks.

Ultimate Soda Stream Hack

That’s why I’m bringing you the “ultimate Soda Stream hack” which will allow a 24 oz CO2 tank to be attached to the “Source” Soda Stream model!  For a small investment, you can hack your soda stream to save you money, time, and the environment.  Just buy an adapter, extension, valve, and large CO2 tank — and you are set!  Any size or shape CO2 tank can SodaStreamTanksnow be used with the classic soda stream model.  All the parts can be bought at Amazon for under $60.  As you can see in the photo, we were using several CO2 tanks that were left over from a paintball hobby.  Now we have upgraded to a 5 lbs tank!  Having the extension allows for the CO2 tank to be stored away from the Soda Stream if space is an issue.

Where to buy the Ultimate Soda Stream Hack parts




24 oz CO2 tank

Easy to Follow Directions

  1. Attach the adapter to the Soda Stream
  2. Attach the extension to the adapter
  3. Attach the adapter to the valve
  4. Attach the CO2 tank to the valve


Note: If you have the Fountain Jet, Edition 1, Dynamo, Fizz, or Revolution models, they can already accommodate a 24 oz size tank so the extension is not necessary unless you want to use something as large as the 5 lbs tank.


Bonus:  If you really want to make a lot of carbonated water, you can always use this setup…


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